SPS-Europe Photolithography Brochure 2021

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SPS-Europe Product Review of all Products 2018


SPS-Europe Product Highlights


University brochure

SPS-Europe works closely with international R&D institutes and universities in finding technical solutions. Our affordable spin coater, mask aligners, and thin film equipment enable transferring processes from lab-scale to pilot scale to production scale.


CMP brochure

CMP process supporting products, including Slurry Mixing Systems, a variety of Chemical Pumps, Retaining Rings and other CMP consumables. When coupled with our post-CMP cleaning products, our solutions provide leading-edge cleaning performance.

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SPS-Europe brochure SPS-Asia technology

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MEMS brochure

For MEMS we offer a complete range of systems and tools for deposition, photolithography, wet etching and handling.

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300mm Brochure

A full range of components and tools to enhance yield for the production of cost-effective products for 300 mm production


Spincoating spin coaters

Our spin coater models have proven themselves over the years for spincoating a wide range of substrates: from small fragments up to �450 mm. We offer special spin coaters or spin processors for large glass panels (e.g. LCD/LED ) up to 900 mm square!

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Manufacturing & Handling Products

Extend the life-time of your process equipment? Upgrade your existing SAT, SST or CMP tool? Safe handling (& storage) of thin wafers?

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SPS-Europe Fabs brochure

In this brochure you will find wetprocess, CMP, diffusion and handling products for fabs.

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Mask Aligner brochure

A full range of Mask Aligners from 4 inch up to 12 inch


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Christmas gift 2017


Photoresist product selector - Litho brochure


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