Our products enable engineers to “make more with less” using “tomorrows technology with todays tools” with proven ROI - in some cases just within a few months. This includes on-site upgrade installations.

Service & upgrades

Wafer Polishing & Coring Services
It can be difficult to polish and core compound wafers because of the hardness of the material and the risk of breaking the wafer. SPS has expertise in polishing and coring compound wafers using an edge polisher. We also provide solutions and support on ingot slicing of composite materials, edge and top edge film removal, and more. Learn more

Wafer automation – the wafer handling specialist!
On-site servicing for the entire range of APT, H-Square or TB Ploner automated wafer handling equipment: wafer sorters, ID mapppers, and transfer systems. Customized in-house training on both operation and maintenance.

Wet bench automation
On-site upgrade for existing Semitool SAT, SRD tools or Akrion robot wet benches - replacing the old automation with a modern, high reliability long-life unit and software.

CMP flow control
On-site upgrading of peristaltic pumps to high precision flow controllers for major slurry cost savings, increased yield and zero maintenance downtime. Rapid ROI. On-site process development, customization and installation of a CMP Slurry Injection System – a quick win extra margin for slurry savings and process yield improvement.

Wet clean upgrades
On-site upgrading of DNS scrubber nozzle or brush to the latest technology single-wafer megasonic cleaner. Replacement of Mirra® Mesa megasonic cleaning tank with a high reliability long-life unit.

Direct megasonic tank upgrades
Replacement of old indirect tanks with modern Direct megasonic process tanks. Major improvement in process technology with far greater uniformity and efficiency. Modern direct megasonic tanks do not consume N2 or cooling DI, and use only a fraction of the power the old indirect baths use.

Experienced professional advice
With 30 years of collective experience solving different kinds of process and production problems in every kind of fab by experienced semiconductor wet process engineers in our team, we have solved many issues.

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