Retaining Rings Ebara

Retaining Rings Ebara

Number: SPM-RRE-copy290
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Retaining Rings Ebara

SPM manufactures a wide variety of consumable components for CMP wafer processing equipment. All CMP products are packaged in an onsite clean room with appropriate marking, labeling and packaging.There are several critical areas of concern on any wafer retaining ring used for polish. One area in particular is the bottom surface of the ring that touches the polishing pad. It is critical for this area to be very flat. SPM guarantees consistent flatness to +/-0.0002 of an inch. This guarantee helps prevent premature loss of product due to spitting of wafers.

SPM was the key contributing manufacturer in qualifying PPS Techtron® as a replacement material over Delrin® in CMP retaining rings. Our retaining rings manufactured from PPS Techtron® are yielding on the average four to five times the number of wafer passes resulting in a lower cost per wafer. With our material and manufacturing expertise we are constantly redesigning and re-qualifying newer, more resilient materials improving product life and reducing downtime.