Custom Design Wafer Cassettes

Custom Design Wafer Cassettes

Custom Design Wafer Cassettes

Non standard designs
Standard designs
Reinforced designs
Carrier Inserts
With handles, locks and lids
Clamshells with PEEK inserts
Custom design circular types
Low contact
Carrier Baskets
And more

Wafer carriers are designed to hold silicon wafers safely and securely in a controlled environment.

We have developed a unique approach to product design.  It enables you to design the process carrier that suits both new and existing products, whilst still using your existing process equipment. All the products we make for the semiconductor industry are customer-specific. We do not have any "standard" products, but develop and design a wafer carrier, clamshell or other part together with our customer and in such a way that it exactly suits their requirements.

It also allows you to select the capacity you wish to process, whilst maximising chemical saturation and flushing to the silicon wafer or substrate. Typical examples would be "standard" carriers modified to a different number of slots, 6-inch footprint carriers modified for 4-inch or even 2-inch wafers, or parts for old equipment where spares are no longer readily available. We usually make these in PTFE (due to its chemical and heat resistance), but can work in all other engineering plastics as well.

Everything we make is mechanically machined, not injection moulded, this allows for smaller quantities as well.

We can design and manufacture:

  • Custom Designed Wafer Carriers
  • Custom Designed Mask Carriers
  • Custom Designed Process Carriers


Reinforced Wafer Carriers

We also design and manufacture reinforced wafer carriers.  Our unique insert material allows a higher operating temperature range than standard carbon inserts.

We also have CAD (Computer Aided Design) and advanced Computer Numerically Controlled machining capabilities for producing custom, hi and low Profile wafer, mask and substrate carriers to exact specifications. Carriers are machined as a single piece construction, not fastened together by screws or pins, and are available in PTFE, PTFM, PCTFE and static dissipative compounds.