Clear, A/S coated, APET | eM-25
12” (300 mm)
8” (200 mm)
Internal Diameter
200 mm
300 mm

Vacuum Formed Shipper

Clamshell-style wafer shippers has significantly elevated the standards of safety and efficiency in wafer transportation. These shippers, available in both conductive and clear material variants, cater to the nuanced demands of semiconductor shipping, ensuring optimal protection against environmental threats and electrostatic discharge (ESD). While the conductive variants are tailored to mitigate the risks of ESD, safeguarding the electrical integrity of wafers, the clear material shippers excel in providing a clear view of the contained wafer, thus facilitating easy inspection without compromising the sterile environment crucial for semiconductor components.

Secure Design
The clamshell design, distinct from the traditional coinstyle packaging, has been ingeniously crafted to offer a secure enclosure that excels in contamination control. The conductive material shippers, utilizing properties that dissipate static charges, are indispensable in environments where the slightest electrostatic interaction could compromise wafer functionality. This makes them an essential asset for shipping components that are particularly susceptible to static damage. Their ability to shield sensitive wafers from electrostatic forces, while also preventing contamination, positions these shippers as a pivotal solution in the high-stakes realm of semiconductor manufacturing and distribution.

Visual Protection
Conversely, shippers crafted from natural materials such as clear materials serve a dual purpose. Not only do they protect wafers from physical damage during transit, but they also allow for the visual verification of the wafer's condition without needing to breach the protective casing. This characteristic is particularly advantageous for quality assurance processes, where the ability to inspect wafers quickly without direct handling can significantly streamline operations. Moreover, the lightweight yet durable nature of these natural material shippers ensures that they can withstand the rigors of transportation, offering a reliable solution for a broad spectrum of shipping and storage requirements.

innovation and safety
Ultimately, the dual offerings of clamshell-style wafer shippers—conductive for ESD-sensitive applications and natural for general shipping needs—illustrate the industry's commitment to innovation and safety. By addressing the specific challenges associated with semiconductor shipping, such as the need for contamination control and ESD protection, these shippers ensure that every semiconductor wafer reaches its destination in pristine condition. As the semiconductor industry continues to advance, the role of these specialized packaging solutions in facilitating secure and efficient wafer transportation will undoubtedly grow, underscoring their importance in the global supply chain of semiconductor components.

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Vacuum Formed Shipper
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