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Optimized Single Wafer Shipping Single wafer shipping is critical in the semiconductor industry, requiring the highest standards of contamination control. As leading wafer shippers, we provide solutions that ensure each wafer's integrity, featuring a variety of options including coin-style and clamshell solutions to meet diverse needs.

Coin-Style Wafer Shippers for Compact Protection Coin-Style Precision with Enhanced Components
Our coin-style wafer shippers are not just compact; they're intricately designed for maximum protection. Each shipper comprises a base, lid, and a spring assembly that works together to secure the wafer firmly. The base and lid encase the wafer, while the spring mechanism ensures it stays in place, minimizing the risk of damage during transportation. This design is especially valued for its ability to protect wafers from vibrations and shocks, offering easy handling and access without compromising safety.

Clamshell Wafer Shipping for Enhanced Security Clamshell Security
Clamshell wafer shipping solutions provide a secure, hinged design that fully encases the wafer. This offers an extra layer of protection against external contamination and direct contact. The clamshell design is user-friendly, allowing for quick inspection and handling, ensuring the wafer's condition is maintained from packing to delivery.

A Comprehensive Range of Wafer Shipping Solutions Comprehensive Solutions
Our wide range of single wafer shipping solutions ensures a perfect match for every requirement. Whether choosing the efficient coin-style wafer shipper or the protective clamshell option, our clients benefit from top-notch contamination control technology. Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction drives us to continually advance the field of single wafer shipping.