Conductive Polypropylene | eM-01-BLK
Natural Polypropylene | eM-08-NAT
12" (300 mm)
4" (100 mm)
6" (150 mm)
8" (200 mm)
Internal Diameter
111 mm
167 mm
235 mm
303 mm
Internal Height
23 mm (0.9”)
32 mm (1.3”)
38 mm (1.5”)
51 mm (2”)

Efficient Wafer Jar Assembly

SPS’s Advanced Wafer Jar Solutions for Semiconductor Industry SPS, renowned for its expertise in semiconductor packaging and handling, offers specialized wafer jars, crucial for effective wafer shipping and handling. These wafer shipping jars are designed with a focus on providing optimal protection and minimizing contamination, reflecting SPS's deep understanding of the intricate needs of wafer transportation.

Wafer Jars
Ensuring Safe and Efficient Transportation SPS's wafer jars are ideal for the secure transport of multiple wafers and are also adaptable for single wafer shippers. Made from materials that ensure clear visibility, these jars allow for easy inspection without compromising the integrity of the wafers. Featuring liner foam, foam cushion disks, and separators, these jars create a multi-layered protective environment, essential for reducing the risk of damage during transit. This design is key in preventing static and contamination, ensuring wafer quality is maintained throughout the shipping process.

Wafer Integrity and Innovation
SPS's Dedication to Wafer Integrity and Innovation In their wafer jar designs, SPS demonstrates a commitment to innovation and safety. These jars cater to the diverse needs of the semiconductor industry, providing efficient and innovative solutions for both bulk and single wafer transportation. SPS’s focus on protection and contamination control in their wafer shipping jars places them at the forefront of wafer shipping and handling solutions. The specific design features of their jars, tailored to safeguard wafers against various risks, underscore SPS's role as a leader in ensuring wafer integrity during transportation.

  • Optimized for Wafer Shipping and Handling: Designed specifically for the secure transport of semiconductor wafers.
  • Protection against Physical and Environmental Risks: Ensures wafers are safeguarded from potential damage and contamination. Clear or Anti-Static Material Construction: Provides visibility for easy inspection and prevents static build-up.
  • Multi-Layered Protective Environment: Liner foam, foam cushion disks, and separators work together to reduce physical contact and risk of damage.
  • Adaptability for Multiple and Single Wafers: Suitable for both bulk wafer transportation and single wafer shippers.
  • Contamination Prevention: Design focused on maintaining wafer purity throughout the transport process. Innovative
  • Design Features: Tailored to meet the complex needs of the semiconductor industry. Versatility in Application: Can be used in various stages of wafer processing and transportation.
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Wafer Jars
Wafer Jar
SPS’s wafer jar assembly system offers an efficient and secure method for handling and transporting wafers.
6" (150mm)
Natural Polypropylene
With Jar Liner
6 Sizes:
Wafer Jar 6" 150 mmWafer Jar 8" 200 mmWafer Jar 8" 200 mmMore...