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6" (150 mm)
8" (200 mm)
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Ring Seperators

Ring Separators wafer canisters
SPS's Ring Separators in wafer canisters are designed for superior wafer protection. These separators, precisely matching the wafer diameter, feature an Orientation/Stacking Pad and Ring Alignment feature, ensuring optimal placement and stability.

Minimize contact with the wafers
The Wafer Support Pedestal within each ring provides critical support, minimizing direct contact with the wafer surface, thereby safeguarding the substrates against potential damage. Standard Ring Separators:

  • Adjustable Stacking: These separators are designed to accommodate varying numbers of wafers within a canister. The number of rings used can change based on the thickness and quantity of wafers, allowing for flexibility in the height of the wafer stack.
  • Fixed Diameters: Perfectly matches the wafer's diameter for precise fit and protection.
  • Orientation/Stacking Pad: Ensures correct ring alignment and stability during stacking.
  • Ring Alignment Feature: Facilitates accurate placement and orientation of rings.
  • Wafer Support Pedestal: Minimizes direct contact, protecting wafer surfaces.
  • Adaptive Stacking: Allows flexibility in stack height for different wafer sizes.
  • Vacuum Compatibility: Retains functionality under vacuum conditions.
  • Zero Movement Design: Reduces lateral movement of wafers within the canister.
  • Ultra Clean Material: Made from ultra-clean conductive polypropylene to minimize contamination.
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Ring Seperators
Fixed Height Ring Seperators
3 Sizes:
Fixed Height Ring Seperators 12" (300 mm)Fixed Height Ring Seperators 6" (150 mm)Fixed Height Ring Seperators 8" (200 mm)