345 mm
518 mm
712 mm
22 mm
31 mm
37 mm
50 mm
Closed-cell polyethylene | eM-04-H-PNK
12" (300 mm)
4" (100 mm)
6" (150 mm)
8" (200 mm)
13 mm
3 mm
6 mm
100 mm
150 mm
200 mm
300 mm

Foam Cushion Disk

SPS's wafer jar assembly system, designed for efficient wafer shipping, incorporates foam liners and cushions to ensure the safety and integrity of semiconductor wafers. These components play a crucial role in wafer protection

Foam Liners for Edge Protection
The foam liners in SPS's wafer jars are engineered to protect the delicate edges of wafers. They provide a soft, yet firm buffer around the jar's periphery, reducing the risk of mechanical damage during transport. Wafer Cushions for Surface Safety: The wafer cushions, placed at the bottom and top of the jar, offer additional safety for the wafer surfaces. They absorb shocks and vibrations, ensuring the wafers remain stable and secure.

Adaptable to Various Wafer Diameters
The foam components in SPS's jars are adaptable to different wafer diameters. This flexibility is key in customizing the packing for wafers of various sizes, making the system versatile for a range of shipping needs. Manual Packing Process: The manual wafer packing process in SPS's system allows for careful handling and placement of each wafer, ensuring that the foam elements are effectively utilized for maximum protection.

Enhancing Wafer Shipping Efficiency
SPS's focus on using quality foam liners and cushions in their wafer jar assembly system enhances the overall efficiency and safety of wafer shipping. This attention to detail reflects their commitment to providing reliable and practical solutions in semiconductor transport.

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Foam Cushion Disk
Foam Cushion Disk
4" (100mm) Foam Cushion Disk made of  ESD sensitive cushioning material - Closed-Cell Polyethylene with a foam diameter of 100 mm and 3 mm thickness
4" (100mm)
3 mm
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Foam Cushion Disk
Foam Liners
4 Sizes:
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