Conductive PP | eM-01-BLK
12" (300 mm)
6" (150 mm)
8" (200 mm)
Internal Diameter
150.8 mm
151 mm
200.8 mm
201 mm
301.2 mm
301.5 mm
Internal Height
44 mm (1.73”)
66 mm (2.6”)
69 mm (2.72”)
71 mm (2.79”)

eLX Wafer Canister

SPS’s Engineered Wafer Solution The eLX Canister by SPS represents a big step in wafer shipping canister technology, designed for the difficult task of safe substrate handling. SPS ensures each wafer - whether 150mm, 200mm, or 300mm - is cradled in a ring separator matching its diameter. This ring separator not only secures wafers during transport but also separates the wafer surfaces from each other.

eLX Wafer Canister Superior Protection
Superior Protection with eLX Canisters SPS’s commitment to wafer integrity is evident in the eLX Canister's design, where wafers rest face down on raised ridges of the ring separators, contacting only non-critical zones. This innovative approach limits any potential abrasion, aligning with the highest standards of contamination control. The canister's internal fingers adapt to the stack's diameter when sealed, restricting horizontal movement and ensuring wafers arrive at their destination without damage.

Flexible and Efficient Wafer Handling
The eLX Canister's integrated stack design offers versatility in wafer shipping. With a variable quantity of ring separators based on wafer and separator thickness, SPS accommodates different stack heights without compromising on protection. This flexibility ensures that the Wafer Canister can be used with both Ring Separators and conventional interleaf materials like tyvek or carbon on the same packing machine, enhancing efficiency and adaptability in wafer handling processes.

Diverse Applications of eLX Canisters in the Semiconductor Industry SPS’s eLX Canisters are essential across various semiconductor manufacturing applications:
• Wafer Fabrication: They facilitate safe transitions through fabrication stages.
• Inspection and Testing: eLX Canisters protect wafers in sensitive evaluation settings.
• Cost-Effective Shipping: Their compact design makes global shipping more economical.
• Secure Storage: eLX Canisters provide a contamination-free storage option, ensuring wafer readiness for future processing.

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eLX Wafer Canister
ELX Wafer Canister - 4 Latches
3 Sizes:
ELX Wafer Canister - 4 Latches 8" (200 mm)ELX Wafer Canister - 4 Latches 12" (300 mm)ELX Wafer Canister - 4 Latches 6" (150 mm)
eLX Wafer Canister
ELX Wafer Canister Tall - 4 Latches
3 Sizes:
ELX Wafer Canister Tall - 4 Latches 12" (300 mm)ELX Wafer Canister Tall - 4 Latches 6" (150 mm)ELX Wafer Canister Tall - 4 Latches 8" (200 mm)