Horizontal wafer shipping



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Advanced Canister Technology
Horizontal wafer shipping relies heavily on wafer shipping canisters for safe substrate handling, especially crucial for standard sizes like 200 mm and 300 mm wafers. These canisters, including various types such as the eLX canister, are designed to securely accommodate a range of wafer sizes and types, ensuring minimal contact and maximum protection during transport. Their versatility makes them suitable for a wide array of substrate sizes, catering to the diverse needs of the semiconductor industry.

Efficient Wafer Jar Assembly
Wafer jar assembly’s play a pivotal role in horizontal wafer shipping, accommodating different substrate sizes, from smaller wafers like 100mm to larger ones up to 300mm. These jars, equipped with wafer cushions and foam liners, are vital for the secure packaging of multiple wafers. The foam liner within the jars acts as a shock absorber during transit, maintaining the integrity of the wafers across various sizes and protecting their surfaces from potential damage.

Protective Wafer Separators
In horizontal wafer shipping, wafer separators are crucial for protection between wafers of all sizes, including the common 200mm and more specialized 450mm substrates. Made from materials like Tyvek and carbon, these separators prevent direct contact between individual wafers, thus reducing the risk of surface damage. The interleaf diameter of these separators is carefully tailored to match the wafer size, ensuring a snug fit and enhanced protection for wafers of all dimensions. **Front Opening Shipping Box (FOSB) and ePod Integration**