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5-wafer presenter
Auto wafer presenter
Wafer escalators

WHS offers a versatile range of wafer presenters aimed at enhancing operator efficiency and minimizing wafer damage in cleanroom environments. The WHS-P series comprises four base models, utilizing advanced materials to improve handling and reduce scratches from manual manipulation.

The robotic WHS-P1 automatic presenter lifts wafers from the cassette for inspection, off-loading, or inverting for backside processes, minimizing manual handling. WHS also provides two economical manual presenters: the WHS-P3, which lifts every 5th wafer, and the WHS-P4, allowing safe extraction of individual wafers without disturbing others. These presenters minimize contact and streamline handling.

Additionally, the WHS-P2 manual escalator features a stair-step mechanism, elevating each wafer for easy ID and lot number verification, ideal for operators needing a clear view of all wafers without excessive handling. WHS wafer presenters are designed with operator safety and efficiency in mind, offering reliable solutions for various wafer handling tasks in cleanroom settings.