FOUP/FOSB opener
RSP150 pod opener
RSP200 pod openers
SMIF pod opener

WHS offers a comprehensive line of Pod Openers designed to meet the specific requirements of cleanroom environments. The WHS-O series includes four categories of openers: one for 300mm FOUP and FOSB carriers, another for reticle mask handling pods for RSP150 and RSP200 cassette pods, and a third for 200mm SMIF pod cassettes.

These ergonomic tabletop tools are engineered to ensure safe unlocking of unique cassette mini-environments, allowing operators to access the wafers or masks contained within. Each product is designed for durability and cleanroom compatibility, minimizing maintenance needs while maximizing longevity. WHS selects special materials for abrasion resistance and low particle generation, ensuring a clean and reliable operation.

WHS prioritizes cleanliness and ergonomics in its designs, creating Pod Openers that are both user-friendly and highly functional. Whether you need to access 300mm wafer carriers or reticle masks, WHS Pod Openers offer a safe and efficient solution, built to withstand the demands of cleanroom conditions.