Thin Films

Systems for thin films, ranging from CVD and ALD atomic layer
deposition to gas filters and heating elements for diffusion ovens.

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Plasma ALD
Thermal ALD
ALD Systems
SPS-Europe offers various Deposition systems. The evaporation systems are used for Physical Vapor Deposition of thin-film, Metallic and Oxides, Organic multi-layer system. The Ractive Ion Etch system is a single process chamber etcher system specially suitable for the etching of SiO2, SixNx, Si, etc thin films. The Table-Top Atomic Layer Deposition or ALD is an invaluable tool for solving problems and creating devices at the nano-scale our system is suitable for up to 5 lines . PE-CVD system is a single process chamber CVD system using advanced plasma technology. It is especially suitable for the deposition of silicon oxide and silicon nitride thin films.