Wafer Polishing & Coring Services

Wafer Polishing & Coring Services

Wafer Polishing & Coring Services

Edge Polishing
Permant Bonding
Surface Polishing
Wafer Re-Sizing

SPS and its partners have great knowledge of polishing compound semiconductor wafers. It can be difficult to polish and core compound wafers because of the hardness of the material and the risk of breaking the wafer. Chemical polishing is not effective and therefore SPS can support your polishing process. We have expertise in polishing compound wafers using an edge polisher. SPS also provides solutions and support on ingot slicing of composite materials, wafer resizing and downsizing (coring), edge and top edge film removal, surface treatment for AIN wafers and could provide optical defect visualizing services of your wafers.

1. Poly-SiC substrate polish Grain boundary of Poly-SiC is difficult to planarize by typical CMP process.
SPS provides a solution to achieve a smoother surface for Poly-SiC substrate with in-house developed expertise and partnerships.
After CMP process
After special polishing process

2. Ingot slicing of Composite Ceramics
SPS provides ingot slicing services for various materials.

 Ingot (composite material)

3. Wafer resizing/ down-sizing (coring)
SPS provides coring services for various material semiconductor wafers (e.g. Silicon, Glass, Silicon Carbide, Gallium Arsenide). After downsizing the wafer SPS can also do edge beveling and polishing processes to increase the yield of the post process (e.g. back grinding) by removing chipping from the wafer edge.

8” Si wafer 3” wafers

Resizing of Single crystal SiC

Edge/top edge film removal processes for GaN on Si wafers

SPS can provide polishing processes for GaN wafers where also the top edge area of the wafers can be polished. This process can also be used for removing Epic defects.