Wafer Jar 4" 100 mm

Wafer Jar 4" 100 mm

Wafer Jar 4" 100 mm

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Ideal for non-sensitive wafers, offering an economical option
Simple manual process for efficient operation
Protects wafer surfaces by preventing direct contact

4” Wafer Jar with Liner eWB0044-ASSY-2-L
ePAK code: eJR4-100-32-ASSY-2-L

• Interleaf Separators: Protects wafer surfaces by preventing direct contact.
• Manual Packing and Unpacking: Allows precise handling of each wafer.
• Foam Liner and Cushions: Provides added protection around the jar's periphery and at the top and bottom.
• Robust Jar Lid: Secures the wafers inside the jar.
• Versatile Size Range: Accommodates wafers from 4” to 12”.
• Cost-Effective Solution: Ideal for non-sensitive wafers, offering an economical option. • Ease of Use: Simple manual process for efficient operation.
• Impact Protection: Ensures safety during transportation and storage. These features combine to make the wafer jar assembly system a reliable and practical solution for wafer transport and storage in the semiconductor industry.

SPS’s wafer jar assembly system offers an efficient and secure method for handling and transporting wafers. This system, ideal for non-sensitive wafers, involves a manual packing process. The available materials for the wafer jars are naturally polypropylene or conductive polypropylene.

Assembly and Cushioning
Wafers are carefully placed in the jar, separated by interleaf separators to prevent direct contact and potential damage to the wafer surfaces. The foam liner around the jar's periphery acts as an additional protective layer, cushioning the wafers against external impacts. Manual Packing and Unpacking: The system is designed for manual operation, allowing for precise placement and removal of wafers. This manual process ensures that each wafer is handled with care, minimizing the risk of damage during the packing and unpacking stages.

Protection and Compatibility
Foam cushioning at the bottom and top of the jar provides further protection, ensuring wafers remain secure and undisturbed. The jar lid is then securely attached to safeguard the wafers inside. This system is versatile, accommodating a range of wafer sizes from 100 mm 300mm, making it suitable for various applications within the semiconductor industry. This wafer jar assembly system by ePAK is a testament to their commitment to providing practical, cost-effective solutions for wafer transportation and storage, prioritizing safety and compatibility in their design.