Vertical Wafer Transfer - Single/Mass 4" (100mm)

Vertical Wafer Transfer - Single/Mass 4" (100mm)

Vertical Wafer Transfer - Single/Mass 4" (100mm)

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<strong>4" (100mm) Vertical Wafer Transfer - Single/Mass</strong>

Model: SWTS4

The SWTS-Series is designed for automatic wafer transfer. With this system it is possible to split, merge, sort, compress wafer-lots, or create individual wafer-mix as desired. The system is equipped with two load-ports and mechanical wafer notch/flat-aligners. The waferhandling is realized via edge gripping, so no vacuum is required. The system is equipped also with a automatic Mass Wafer Gripper to transfer a whole batch.




<li>For 4" (100mm) Wafers</li>

<li>Wafer Thickness: 450um - 750um</li>

<li>Single and Mass Transfer Capabilities</li>

<li>No Vacuum Needed (Edge Gripping)</li>

<li>Vertical Transfer System</li>

<li>Cross Slotted Wafer Detection</li>

<li>Tabletop System or With Stand</li>

<li>Throughput up to 700 wph</li>

<li>Windows Operating System</li>


<li>RFID Cassette Identification on Request</li>

<li>Upgrade to Wafer Identification Possible</li>

<li>Full SECS/GEM Compliance</li>






<li>Wafer Transfer</li>

<li>Compress to Top by Slot</li>

<li>Compress to Bottom by Slot</li>

<li>Invert by Slot</li>

<li>Individual Transfer-Function to progam custom recipes</li>


<font color="#00B7EF">*** Note: Please specify cassette model numbers when ordering ***</font>

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