Vacuum Wand Assembly Kit Small Device

Vacuum Wand Assembly Kit  Small Device

Vacuum Wand Assembly Kit Small Device

Ready-To-Install Assembly
Antistatic Construction
Small device up to 300 mm wafers


  • General use: Vacuum wands are utilized to pick up and transport wafers from one location to another without adding particles.
  • Sorting: For manual wafer sorting applications, vacuum wands allow operators to move wafers safely and precisely within a parent lot. They can also be used to combine lots together, add test wafers, and replace any damaged wafers, as necessary.
  • Inspection - Operators can use vacuum wands to pull out a wafer from a parent lot and inspect it under specialized lighting to look for defects. This ensures that the process has been successful and that the wafer meets the required specifications
  • Small device – Vacuum wands outfitted with small device handling components, hub needles and cups allow the operator to handle small die, packages, optics and other small devices down to 1-2 mm in size

The WHS-V2 is an prepackaged vacuum wand set includes everything needed to start handling small devices safely using a house vacuum. Assembly includes: Nitrile Buna-N Cup Variety Kit (WHS-V8-NBKIT), wand (WHS-V2-SD), coil cord (WHS-V3-CC), holder (WHS-V4-WM). Antistatic construction, > 800mBar (23" Hg) recommended. ISO Class 5