Vacuum Tip PEEK 100-200 mm Compound/Thin 10° Bent Up

Vacuum Tip PEEK 100-200 mm Compound/Thin 10° Bent Up

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Vacuum Tip PEEK 100-200 mm Compound/Thin 10° Bent Up

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SEMI Standard Wafer Handling
Antistatic PEEK Material
Straight or bend

Antistatic conductive PEEK vacuum wand tip for handling of 100-200 mm wafers. Features 3° offset wide-wide 36 x 36mm vacuum pocket. Available in standard vacuum pocket (AP4N); standard pocket with backside insertion prevention bump (AP4B); thin wafer /compound wafer vacuum pocket (AP4C); and standard with special polyethylene touchpad (AP4U) for handling virgin, EPI, optical wafers, and front side contact applications. All versions are available straight (ST), bent 10° up (1U), bent 10° down (1D), bent 30° up (3U), or bent 30° down (3D) based on each wafer handling application. ISO 3 compatible.

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