UH108-12 Wafer Backlapping Film Applicator

UH108-12 Wafer Backlapping Film Applicator

Number: UH108-12
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Up to 12" (300mm)
Cycle Time: 20s
Bubble Free Lamination


UH108 Wafer Backlapping Film Applicator


Product description

UH108-12 Wafer Backlapping Film Applicator

Model UH108 Series Wafer Backlapping Film Applicators are the ideal benchtop solutions for your frontside protection tape application requirements. They offer a high degree of repeatable accuracy and are capable of cutting the film to the edge of the wafer -- including the alignment flats -- within 0.005" in less than 20 seconds. A wide range of features and options are available to ensure bubble-free lamination to all sizes and types of wafers.

  • 8"& 12" (300mm) wafer capability (please specify wafer size with order)
  • Cuts film to the edge of the wafer, including flats, within 0.005"
  • Adjustable cutting angle, depth, and diameter to control film overhang
  • Adjustable roller pressure from topside to accommodate different film requirements and various wafer thicknesses
  • Adjustable spring-loaded roller assembly ensures bubble-free lamination
  • Adjustable alignment pins accommodate any wafer size
  • Adjustable cutter assembly for either a "contact cut" (wafers with alignment flats) OR a "non-contact cut" (wafers with alignment notch)
  • Operates with non-backed or backed* film
  • Optional Take-up Roller Assembly available for film with backing liner
  • Sping loaded tensioner bar prevents wafer stress due to film stretch
  • Wafer-centering mechanism
  • Vacuum securing wafer stage
  • Retractable cutting knife blade for operator safety

  • Protective Film Take-up Roller Assembly: A gear-driven take-up Roller Assembly is available for use with protective layer-backed films, which automatically winds the protective layer onto a plastic core for easy handling and disposal.
  • Static Eliminator (with or without Power Safety Interlock Switch): A static ionization bar prevents static build-up caused from either the film unwinding or from the separation of the film from the protective layer.
  • 'CE' Mark