Tyvek® Separator 8" (200 mm)

Tyvek® Separator 8" (200 mm)

Tyvek® Separator 8" (200 mm)

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8" (200mm) Tyvek® Separator
ePAK description: eIL8-200-0.16-eM-03-A-WHT


  • Anti-Static Properties: Reduces the risk of electrostatic discharge, protecting sensitive wafers.
  • Precise Interleaf Diameter: Tailored to match various wafer sizes for snug fitting and optimal protection.
  • Protection Between Wafers: Minimizes direct contact and potential damage to wafers during handling and transport.
  • Cost-Effective Material: Offers a balance of protection and affordability.
  • Compatibility with Packaging Needs: Suitable for use in wafer canisters and jars, enhancing overall packaging efficiency.
  • Durability: Resistant to tears and punctures, maintaining integrity during use. • Lightweight: Facilitates easy handling and integration into packaging systems.

Anti-static spun PO (Tyvek®), used in wafer separators, plays a crucial role in semiconductor packaging.

Protection and safeguarding
Its primary function is to provide protection between wafers, preventing direct contact and potential damage during transport and storage. This material is known for its anti-static properties, which are essential in safeguarding sensitive wafer surfaces from electrostatic discharges.

Packing and Shipping
The design and use of Tyvek® wafer separators in packaging reflect a careful consideration of the interleaf diameter. The diameter of these separators is precisely matched to the sizes of wafers they are protecting, ensuring a snug fit and optimal protection. This precision is vital in maintaining the integrity of wafers, especially when they are packed and shipped in bulk.

Cost-effective and durability
In semiconductor manufacturing, the safety of wafers is paramount. Tyvek® separators provide a cost-effective yet highly effective solution for this need. Their use in wafer canisters and jars exemplifies the industry's commitment to maintaining high standards in wafer handling and transportation. The choice of Tyvek® for wafer separators underscores the industry's focus on combining practicality with high-performance materials. The material's durability, coupled with its protective features, makes it a preferred choice for many semiconductor manufacturers, balancing cost-effectiveness with the essential need for wafer protection.