Stainless Steel Cassette

Stainless Steel Cassette

Stainless Steel Cassette

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High Temperature Applications up to 550°
Strong, Dimensionally Stable Design
SEMI Automation Compliant
Scratch Reducing Beveled Slot Design
Applications: Bake, Thin Wafer Handling, Thick Wafers and Ultrasonic and megasonic


  • Bake - Long term thermal bake applications where wafers are left in ovens for multiple days.
  • Thin Wafer Handling - Thin wafer handling where sharp thin wafers cut into plastic cassettes.
  • Thick Wafers - Bonded or thick wafer applications where industry standard plastic cassettes will not work due to slot dimensions.
  • Ultrasonic and megasonic  - cleaning applications where open side wall stainless steel cassettes perform better than soundwave dampening plastic cassettes.


The M3 series is a high temperature stainless steel from 76 (3") up to 200 mm (8”) diameter wafers. SEMI compliant 25-slot, 8° slot angle in the profile of an industry plastic cassette. Electro polished (EP) type 316 stainless steel.  For thermal automation processing, general bake applications up to 550°C; or mega- and ultra- sonic cleaning applications.