SPIN150i-PTFE Single Substrate Spin Processor

SPIN150i-PTFE Single Substrate Spin Processor

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SPIN150i-PTFE Single Substrate Spin Processor

The POLOS SPIN150i is a versatile and high-quality substrate spin coater, made of PTFE or NPP. It is specifically designed for R&D and low volume production. Desktop Version for manual or automated (optional) chemical dispense.
Suitable for Coating, Cleaning, Rinse/Dry, Developing, Etching, PDMI, and other processes


  • Up to 6" (150 mm) Wafers
  • Up to 4" x 4" (100 mm) square Substrates
  • Material: PTFE
  • Easy, step- by- step recipe programming via large colour touchscreen
  • Transparent Lid with syringe holder for central dispensing
  • Electro-magnetic safety lid lock
  • N2 diffuser for N2 purge during process
  • 12.000 RPM (Depending on Substrate / Chuck)
  • High Acceleration and Accuracy
  • Manual Chemical Dispense
  • CW & CCW Rotation
  • (Detachable) Colour Touchscreen with Customisable Icons
  • Unlimited Program Storage for recipes with multiple steps each
  • USB Port


  • 1 x A-V36-S45-PTFE-HDVacuum Chuck
  • 1 x D-V10-S50-PTFE-HDFragment Adapter

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