Quartz Tank

Quartz Tank

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Quartz Tank

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Contaminant-free, rapid heating
Application: Wafer processing in wet etch, high temperature acid, and solvent application
Molded construction
Custom design available, please contact us with your requirements!

These esPRO® Constant Temperature Controlled Baths are designed to be contaminant-free, rapid heating units suitable for wafer processing in wet etch, high temperature acid, and solvent application (excluding hydrofluoric acid). Manufactured using high purity fused quartz (minimum 99.9999% silica), these baths represent the standard of excellence and reliability for integrated circuit manufacturing processing.

Our esPRO® Quartz baths are made of molded construction which provide maximum strength and eliminates sharp corners – facilitating the ease of cleaning. Each vessel includes a bottom well to accommodate a stirrer or drain.

Additionally, the baths have been designed in such a way that no temperature sensors or elements contact the process. The use of the dual thermodiscs independent of the controller thermocouples guarantees power shutdown.


  • Fire Polished Quartz Tanks minimize contamination and are corrosion and Thermal Shock Resistant
  • Rugged construction assures structural support and Fume-Tight Integrity
  • Reduced warm up time and longer lasting due to engineered-in Safety Concerns


  • Rugged construction assures structural support and fume-tight integrity
  • Fire polished quartz vessels minimize contamination, are corrosion and thermal shock resistant
  • High temperature, fire retardant wiring used through all baths
  • Unique lip flange design eliminates fume migration and liquid leaks into the heating element Benefits
  • Custom design flexibility

Available options

  • Drain Port
  • Additional Type J Thermocouple
  • Recirculation and Custom models available