POLOS NanoWriter Advanced - UV Direct Laser Writer

POLOS NanoWriter Advanced - UV Direct Laser Writer

Number: NWA-100
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Wafer size
4" (100mm)
System type
Table-Top System
< 300 nm features
736 mm
600 mm
600 mm


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POLOS Maskless Lithography System Comparison


Product description

Meet the smallest high quality laser beam spot available in the market. The POLOS NanoWriter Advanced is a versatile UV laser writer with ultra high precision components, specifically designed to give the user the highest degree of freedom to create micro structures in photo sensitive layers. The POLOS NanoWriter Advanced base system includes a 405 nm optical module capable of writing structures as small as 300 nm in photo resist layers. This user friendly tool supports up to 4095 levels of grayscale or pure binary mode and allows for 3D optical structures, surface structures as well as mask projects. Real time laser controlled auto focus and laser intensity control ensure high quality imaging during the entire exposure process.

The control electronics are all mounted within the frame except for the control PC. This Microsoft Windows based desktop PC and all required software is included in the package.

Specification Including

  • Table top system
  • Up to 4" x 4" substrates
  • No vacuum pump
  • Separate desktop computer included
  • Manual Z adjustment up to 10 mm
  • Top side alignment
  • Long life time 405nm diode laser
  • Raster mode (GDS, BMP)
  • Vector mode (Gerber)
  • 4095 grayscale levels
  • Autofocus
  • 0.3 µm high-res write mode


  • 1 year warranty
  • Crating for export
  • Training
  • Remote support

Back Side Alignment on the POLOS NanoWriter systems.

Back Side Alignment (BSA) on the POLOS NanoWriter systems is performed by means of 2 cameras with telecentric illumination and vision software for the processing of the images. The cameras are mounted on a fixed position and are only able to capture image from the backside at this position. Vision software processes the images and enable the system to automatically detect shapes and measure their position.

Specifications BSA direct laser writer

  • Cameras: 5.2M pixel monochrome, USB 3 interface
  • FOV: 2.5 x 2 mm
  • Pixel resolution: 1 μm
  • Illumination: 568nm coaxial telecentric illumination
  • Vision software: Cognex VPRO or Adaptive Vision Studio
  • Measuring resolution by means of interpolating algorithms: <100 nm
  • Final alignment accuracy: <2 μm
  • Measuring position: 90mm centre to centre. This position can be changed on request.