POLOS NanoWriter - UV Direct Laser Writer

POLOS NanoWriter - UV Direct Laser Writer

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POLOS NanoWriter - UV Direct Laser Writer

The POLOS NanoWriter is a versatile UV laser writer with high precision components specifically designed to give the user the highest degree of freedom to create microstructures in photosensitive layers.

  • Resolution: 0.8 - 2.5 µm (5 µm optional)    
  • Wavelength: 405 or 375 nm    
  • Max substrate size: 110 x 110 mm

The POLOS NanoWriter includes a 405 nm optical module capable of writing structures as small as 0.8 µm in photoresist layers. This user-friendly tool supports up to 4095 levels of grayscale or pure binary mode and allows for 2.5D optical structures, surface structures as well as mask projects. Real-time laser-controlled autofocus and laser intensity control ensure high-quality imaging during the entire exposure process. The control electronics are all mounted within the frame, except for the control PC. This Microsoft Windows-based desktop PC and all required software is included in the package.


  • High quality, cost-efficient maskless lithography tool
  • 375 nm source available for i-Line resists
  • Market conform 0.8 µm resolution
  • Compact optical module: use a spare optical unit for revolutionary machine downtime reduction
  • User-friendly operation
  • Supports substrates up to 4”x4”


  • Width: 580 mm
  • Height: 708 mm
  • Depth: 600 mm (not including optional air duct)
  • Weight: 260 kg
  • Compressed air: 5 - 7 Bar, Air quality according ISO8573-1:2010 class 3 or better.