Polos 300 Advanced Table Top NPP

Polos 300 Advanced Table Top NPP

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POLOS 300 Advanced Single Substrate Spin Processor, Desktop version, automatic chemical dispense, heavy duty motor. This revolutionary spin coater series can be used as a full automatic solution for your process. It supports a large variety of fluids thanks to the full plastic housing available in natural polypropylene as well PTFE. It is suitable for processing fragments as small as 5 mm even for processing fragments as small as 5 mm.

Suitable for Coating, Cleaning, Rinse/Dry, Developing, Etching, PDMI, and other processes

Up to 300 mm round or 8” x 8” square substrates Material: Natural Polypropylene (High grade NPP, tool body and all wetted surfaces) Post-CMP cleaning LIGA processes TSV processing Mask cleaning Etch assist SU-8 develop Plating pre-cleaning Lift off Pre-plating bubble removal Resist strip Post-laser cleaning CW & CCW Puddle Rotation (Detachable) Colour Touchscreen with Customisable Icons Glove friendly, IP52, chemical resistant Unlimited Program Storage for recipes with multiple steps each USB Port Standard 1" Drain Connection Compatible with our sapphire MegPie megasonic transducer We also offer optional backside Rinse and Pneumatic Lid Including:
3 Programmable Dry Relays, nominal switching capacity 0.5A / 125 VAC - 0.3A / 60DC 1 x Vacuum Chuck A-V87-S96-NPP-HD


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