Polos 300 Advanced PTFE

Polos 300 Advanced PTFE

Polos 300 Advanced PTFE

POLOS 300 Advanced Single Substrate Spin Processor, In-Deck version, automatic chemical dispense, heavy duty motor. This revolutionary spin coater series can be used as a full automatic solution for your process. It supports a large variety of fluids thanks to the full plastic housing available in natural polypropylene as well PTFE. It is suitable for processing fragments as small as 5 mm even for processing fragments as small as 5 mm.

Suitable for Coating, Cleaning, Rinse/Dry, Developing, Etching, PDMI, and other processes


  • Up to 300 mm round or 8” x 8” square substrates
  • Material: Natural Polypropylene (High grade NPP, tool body and all wetted surfaces)
  • Post-CMP cleaning
  • LIGA processes
  • TSV processing
  • Mask cleaning
  • Etch assist SU-8 develop
  • Plating pre-cleaning Lift off
  • Pre-plating bubble removal
  • Resist strip
  • Post-laser cleaning
  • CW & CCW Puddle Rotation
  • (Detachable) Colour Touchscreen with Customisable Icons
  • Glove friendly, IP52, chemical resistant
  • Unlimited Program Storage for recipes with multiple steps each
  • USB Port
  • Standard 1" Drain Connection
  • Compatible with our sapphire MegPie megasonic transducer
  • We also offer optional backside Rinse and Pneumatic Lid


  • 3 Programmable Dry Relays, nominal switching capacity 0.5A / 125 VAC - 0.3A / 60DC
  • 1 x Vacuum Chuck A-V87-S96-PTFE-HD

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