NE-9000B Peristaltic Pump SPINi KIT - HIGH Flow

NE-9000B Peristaltic Pump SPINi KIT - HIGH Flow

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NE-9000B Peristaltic Pump SPINi KIT - HIGH Flow

NE-9000B Peristaltic Pump SPINi KIT up to 775ml/min for all fluids HIGH FLOW

  • Model: PERI-HEAD-KIT-YB2 Blue with 2 Rollers
  • Norprene A-60G Tubing 3/16"ID x 5/16"OD x 1/16" Wall
  • 1 pc. DSub9 adapter cable p/n 34757
  • 1 pc. Center Injection Cap with Nozzle p/n 42047

HIGH FLOW: Designed for higher flow rate and larger dispensing volume applications such as Develop, Etch, and Clean, as well as continuous flow and recirculation applications.

Our Peristaltic dispense pump is an excellent automatic dispensing addition to our spin coater series. It is a “Plug & Play” unit which is supplied ready to connect to the SPIN Series spin coaters and automate your resist or chemical dispense.

It has a number of advanced features in one compact unit. The peristaltic pump acts as both a “non-return valve”, preventing back flow, and as a fail-safe cut-off valve. The pump can be programmed to end with a post-dispense withdrawal (or “suck-back”) to avoid the risk of any droplets falling onto the substrate. Fully programmable to dispense a steady flow rate or a pre-set volume, the pump ranges from small volume resist dispense, right up to a continuous flow for develop and etch processes. The peristaltic pump does away with the need for specialized pressure dispense vessels and additional safety valves. One-pass supply or recirculation processes are easy to configure using your existing chemical containers.

Only the tubing is exposed to the chemical, therefore different chemicals can be used with the same pump by simply changing the tubing. Changeover is easy, quick, and safe allowing for multiple chemical options, all on the same pump. The Norprene® A-60-G tubing has excellent chemical compatibility.

  • Programmable flow control
  • Programmable volume dispense
  • Anti-drip integrated “suck-back valve” operation
  • Fail-safe integrated non-return/check valve operation
  • Uses existing chemical containers
  • One pump - multiple chemicals
  • Coat / Develop / Etch