Manual Single Wafer Presenter

Manual Single Wafer Presenter

Manual Single Wafer Presenter

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Edge Only Wafer Contact
Scratch Reduction Tool
Use with WHS-V1-AP4BST Insert Prevention Vacuum Tip
Geared Wafer Selector
Interlocked Lift Lever
ESD-safe Construction
Portable with Transport Handles


  • Wafer inspection - Wafer presenters are used to hold and rotate wafers during inspection, allowing for automated and consistent macro analysis of wafer surfaces and features.  Commonly seen in raw wafer production, post-epitaxial inspection, glass wafer haze, scratch, macro defect inspection, and lot process integrity inspections in Photolithography (photoresist) and Probe/Test areas (inking). 
  • Scratch reduction - Scratches on wafers can occur during handling and can result in defects and yield loss. Wafer presenters are designed to lift the wafer up from its cassette, allowing operators to access and handle the wafer without having to physically go between the wafers inside the cassette. This eliminates the need for operators to manually manipulate the wafer and reduces the risk of damage or contamination.

The P4 is a manual single wafer presenter, available in the models: 76 mm (3”), 100 mm (4”), 150 mm (6”) or 200 mm (8”) diameter wafers. The WHS-P4 fully lifts a single wafer above a cassette and presents to an operator for easy removal without scratching neighboring wafers. Constructed with antistatic materials, the WHS-P4 is built to meet the strict ISO 4 (FS209E Class 10) standards, ensuring the highest level of protection for your wafers.

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