Large Moisture Barrier bag ESD 380x420 mm

Large Moisture Barrier bag ESD 380x420 mm

Number: WHS-B-2004
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380 x 420 mm
ESD Safe
ESD Safe
0,15 mm PET (12 µm), AI (7 µm), NY (15 µm) & PE (115 µm)
420 mm
380 mm


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Product description

The moisture barrier material has a moisture transmission rate which is sufficiently small to permit storage of semiconductor wafers within the volume for an extended period of time without damaging the wafers by moisture attack.

Increase shelf life of your wafer storage?
It is recommended that they are stored at temperature between 18°C and 24°C, relative humidity of less than 30%, and in clean, dry, inert atmosphere (e.g. Nitrogen), and in a vacuum sealed bag.

Block bottom moisture barrier bags
Our bags can be custom-folded. The flat bottom reduces the risk of product being trapped in creases and folds, that may happen with gusseted bags.

The WHS brand offers a standardized range of moisture barrier bags and LDPE bags. These are used to prevent contamination during shipping and storage. This enables SPS to offer Moisture Barrier Bags with a negligible minimum order quantity.

Below you find the selection of products that have been tested with our Moisture barrier bags.

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