GaAs/SiC Wafer Edge Polisher System

GaAs/SiC Wafer Edge Polisher System

Number: TUNeDGE SFF-200TX
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Product description

GaAs/SiC Wafer Edge Polisher System

SFF-200TX is capable of polishing O.F and bevel of 2-8 inches wafers and shows high machining efficiency for difficult-to-cut materials such as SiC and GaN.

  • Low damage + High rate
  • Capable of removing layers on the wafer edge
  • Easy utility connection
  • Capability to create various edge shapes
  • Capable of rough and fine polish
  • Top edge polish available
  • Chemical free process

Equipped with new centering unit, SFF-200TX is now able to process transparent wafers such as glass. It is also capable of measuring diameter of wafers before/after processing.

Together with Mipox polishing film, SFF-200TX can achieve both edge beveling and fine polishing.

In conventional wafer edge grinding/polishing process, there were over-polishing of O.F sides issues. Our new mechanism prevents such over-polishing.

TUNeDGE SFF has a beveling mechanism specifically designed for wafers that have polishing characteristics that differ depending on crystal orientation. SFF-200TX can set different polishing conditions in accordance with the crystal orientation, enabling uniform beveling process.