Foam Liners 8" (200 mm)

Foam Liners 8" (200 mm)

Foam Liners 8" (200 mm)

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Shock Absorption during Transit
Wafer Edge Protection
Customized Wafer Packing
Manual Assembly Compatibility
Long-term Storage Solution
Semiconductor Shipping
Cleanroom Operations

8" Foam liners eFL0001-eM-04-H-PNK
ePAK code: eFL8-712-50-13-eM-04-H-PNK

Foam length: 712 mm
Foam Width: 50 mm
Foam Thickness: 13 mm


  • Shock Absorption during Transit: Protects wafers from impacts and vibrations in transit.
  • Wafer Edge Protection: Cushions the delicate edges of wafers, preventing mechanical damage.
  • Customized Wafer Packing: Adaptable for various wafer sizes, ensuring a secure fit for different wafer types.
  • Manual Assembly Compatibility: Ideal for manual wafer packing processes, providing ease of use and precision placement.
  • Long-term Storage Solution: Offers a protective environment for wafers during extended storage periods.
  • Semiconductor Shipping: Ensures wafers stay intact and clean throughout the shipping process.
  • Cleanroom Operations: Suitable for use in cleanroom environments, maintaining wafer purity.

SPS's foam liners are integral to their wafer jar assembly system, offering enhanced protection during wafer shipping. These liners, designed to wrap around the jar's interior, provide a cushioning barrier that safeguards delicate wafer edges against mechanical stresses and impacts.

The foam's resilient material is crucial for absorbing shocks and vibrations, ensuring the wafers remain secure and undamaged throughout transportation. These foam liners are adaptable to various wafer diameters, demonstrating SPS's commitment to versatility in wafer handling. Their ability to accommodate different sizes is essential in customizing the packing process for a range of semiconductor shipping requirements. This flexibility makes the foam liners an indispensable component in wafer jar assembly.

The incorporation of foam liners in the manual wafer packing process highlights SPS's dedication to safe and efficient wafer transport. By ensuring a snug and protective fit around each wafer, these liners play a vital role in maintaining the integrity of wafers during transit. The foam liners are a testament to SPS's focus on providing high-quality and practical solutions in semiconductor transport.