Fixed Height Ring Seperators

Fixed Height Ring Seperators

Fixed Height Ring Seperators

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Uniform Spacing
Designed for Tall eLX Canisters
Protection Between Wafers
Precise Interleaf Diameter
Stable Wafer Arrangement
Minimized Risk of Physical and Environmental Damage
Suitability for Sensitive Wafers
Enhanced Packaging Efficiency


  • Uniform Spacing: Maintains consistent spacing between wafers, irrespective of the stack height.
  • Designed for Tall eLX Canisters: Tailored specifically to fit and function within tall eLX canisters.
  • Protection Between Wafers: Minimizes direct contact between wafers, reducing the risk of damage during transit.
  • Precise Interleaf Diameter: Carefully calibrated to match the dimensions of the tall eLX canisters, ensuring a secure fit.
  • Stable Wafer Arrangement: Provides a controlled environment, preventing slippage or displacement of wafers.
  • Minimized Risk of Physical and Environmental Damage: Shields wafers from shocks and contaminants.
  • Suitability for Sensitive Wafers: Ideal for transporting delicate semiconductor components.
  • Enhanced Packaging Efficiency: Optimizes space within the canister, improving packing efficiency.

Fixed height ring separators, exclusively available for the tall eLX canisters, represent a specialized solution in wafer packaging. These separators are crucial in providing protection between wafers, specifically engineered to maintain a uniform spacing irrespective of the wafer stack's height. This uniformity is particularly important in environments where consistency and precision are key. Each ring in the fixed height design ensures that wafers are securely and evenly spaced, which is essential for safeguarding the wafer surfaces during transit. This design plays a pivotal role in minimizing the risk of contact-related damage, a crucial factor in semiconductor shipping and handling. The interleaf diameter of these fixed height ring separators is precisely tailored to fit the specific dimensions of the tall eLX canisters. This precise fit is vital in maintaining the structural integrity of the wafer stack, ensuring that each wafer is held securely in place. The design of these separators is such that they provide a stable and consistent environment for the wafers, which is crucial for their protection. The use of fixed height ring separators in the tall eLX canisters illustrates a commitment to delivering packaging solutions that meet the specific needs of sensitive semiconductor components. The inclusion of fixed height ring separators in the tall eLX canisters demonstrates an innovative approach to wafer shipping. This system ensures that wafers are not only protected from physical shocks and environmental contaminants but also are kept in a controlled arrangement that prevents slippage or displacement. Such a level of protection and precision in packaging is essential for maintaining the quality and purity of wafers, especially during long-distance transportation or storage. By focusing on specific requirements such as the interleaf diameter and uniform spacing, fixed height ring separators in the tall eLX canisters set a new standard in the semiconductor industry for wafer shipping and handling.