ELX Wafer Canister Tall - 4 Latches

ELX Wafer Canister Tall - 4 Latches

ELX Wafer Canister Tall - 4 Latches

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Fixed Height Ring Separators
Enhanced Wafer Surface Protection
Minimized Lateral Movement
Reduced Particle Generation
Secure 4 Latch System
Impact Resistant Construction
Labeling Efficiency
Compatibility with Robotic Equipment


  • Fixed Height Ring Separators: Incorporates fixed height separators for consistent wafer spacing.
  • Enhanced Wafer Surface Protection: Protects delicate wafer surfaces from physical and environmental damage.
  • Minimized Lateral Movement: Design ensures wafers remain stationary, reducing the risk of edge compression.
  • Reduced Particle Generation: Advanced construction lessens the risk of particle contamination.
  • Secure 4 Latch System: Features a robust 4-latch closure, with an optional 2-latch configuration for versatility.
  • Impact Resistant Construction: Built to withstand physical shocks, enhancing wafer safety.
  • Labeling Efficiency: Offers large areas for clear and easy identification and tracking.
  • Compatibility with Robotic Equipment: Designed for seamless integration with standard industry robotic handling systems.
  • Drop-In Replacement Design: Can be used as a direct replacement for older industry canister designs, simplifying the transition to advanced technology.

The Tall eLX Canister by SPS, designed to hold a batch of 25 wafers, represents a significant advancement in wafer shipping and handling. This extended wafer canister is specifically engineered for the semiconductor industry, offering enhanced protection for wafer surfaces against contaminants and physical impacts.

Its design ingeniously minimizes lateral movement, crucial for safeguarding sensitive wafer edges during transit. Incorporating an advanced design, the Tall eLX Canister effectively reduces particle generation, a vital aspect in maintaining wafer purity. The canister features a versatile 4-latch system, providing secure closure and adaptability for different wafer types. Its impact-resistant build ensures robust protection against physical shocks, a critical factor during transportation. Further enhancing its utility, the Tall eLX Canister offers large areas for efficient labeling and is fully compatible with standard industry robotic handling systems.

Designed as a drop-in replacement for older canister models, it streamlines the transition to more sophisticated wafer handling solutions. This canister, equipped with 26 fixed height separator rings, ensures each wafer is securely held, making it an ideal solution for a wide range of wafer storage and transportation requirement