ELX Wafer Canister - 4 Latches 8" (200 mm)

ELX Wafer Canister - 4 Latches 8" (200 mm)

ELX Wafer Canister - 4 Latches 8" (200 mm)

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Enhanced Protection
Minimized Lateral Movement
Particle Generation Reduction
Secure 4 Latch System
Impact Resistant
Labeling Efficiency
Equipment Compatibility
Easy Integration

8" (200 mm) ELX Wafer Canister - 4 Latches eWB0018-4-ASSY-1
ePAK code: eCT-LX8/200-4-44-ASSY-1-eM-01-BLK


  • Enhanced Protection: Guards wafer surfaces against contaminants and physical damage.
  • Minimized Lateral Movement: Design prevents wafer shift without compressing edges.
  • Particle Generation Reduction: Advanced construction lessens particle contamination.
  • Secure 4 Latch System: Ensures closure with 4 latches (optional 2 latch configuration for versatility).
  • Impact Resistant: Robust build provides resistance to physical shocks.
  • Labeling Efficiency: Large areas available for clear and easy labeling.
  • Equipment Compatibility: Interfaces seamlessly with standard industry robotic handling systems.
  • Easy Integration: Acts as a drop-in replacement for previous industry canister designs.

The SPS eLX Canister is engineered for the advanced protection of semiconductor wafers.

It features a secure 4-latch system, with an optional 2-latch design, ensuring the wafer canister remains closed during transit. The impact-resistant construction guards against physical shocks, while the large label areas facilitate easy identification and tracking.

Designed to minimize lateral movement, it safeguards wafer edges without applying harmful compression. Its advanced design is optimized to reduce particle generation, making it a clean solution for safe wafer transport. The eLX wafer canister is fully compatible with industry-standard robotic handling equipment, it serves as a drop-in replacement for outdated designs, streamlining the integration into existing workflows.