Coin Style Single Wafer Shipper Conductive PP 5" (125 mm)

Coin Style Single Wafer Shipper Conductive PP 5" (125 mm)

Coin Style Single Wafer Shipper Conductive PP 5" (125 mm)

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Conductive Material
Various Sizes Available
ESD Protection for Sensitive Components
Secure Wafer Enclosure
Easy Handling and Access
Robust Physical Protection
Compact and Space-Efficient
Contamination Control
Adaptable to Various Applic

5" (125 mm) Coin Style Single Wafer Shipper
Model: eCT5-125-ASSY-2

  • Conductive Material: Made from materials that safely dissipate static electricity, providing essential protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD).
  • Various Sizes Available: Comes in a range of sizes including 1", 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3", 4", 5", and 6" to accommodate different wafer dimensions.
  • ESD Protection for Sensitive Components: Ideal for shipping electronic components that are sensitive to static, ensuring a controlled, static-free environment.
  • Secure Wafer Enclosure: Designed to hold wafers securely in place, minimizing movement and potential damage during transit.
  • Easy Handling and Access: User-friendly design that allows for efficient packing and unpacking, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Robust Physical Protection: Offers sturdy protection against physical shocks and vibrations, making it ideal for both local and international transportation.
  • Compact and Space-Efficient: The coin-style design is compact, making it space-efficient for storage and shipping purposes.
  • Contamination Control: The enclosed structure minimizes exposure to contaminants, maintaining wafer purity.
  • Adaptable to Various Applications: Suitable for a wide range of uses within the semiconductor industry, including manufacturing, inspection, and shipping.
  • Durability: Constructed from high-quality conductive materials, ensuring long-term durability and consistent performance.

Advanced Conductive Coin-Style Wafer Shippers for Superior Protection
In the dynamic field of semiconductor shipping, the conductive coin-style wafer shipper is a game-changer. Crafted to meet the stringent demands of contamination control and wafer protection, these shippers are specifically designed for the safe transport of sensitive wafers. The conductive material of the shipper not only provides a sturdy enclosure but also ensures electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection, making it an ideal choice for transporting electronic components that are sensitive to static.

Innovative Design for ESD Sensitive Wafers ESD Protection with Conductive Material
The key feature of our conductive coin-style wafer shipper is its ability to safely dissipate static electricity. This is crucial in preventing potential damage to wafers that are susceptible to electrostatic charges. The shipper’s conductive material acts as a safeguard, maintaining a controlled environment that is free from static build-up. This innovative design makes these shippers particularly suitable for single wafer shipping in environments where ESD control is a priority.

Versatility in Sizes and Applications A Versatile Range for Diverse Needs
Recognizing the varied requirements of the semiconductor industry, our conductive coin-style shippers come in a wide range of sizes, including 1", 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3", 4", 5", and 6". This versatility ensures that regardless of the wafer size, our shippers can provide optimal protection. Whether for storage, local transit, or international shipping, these shippers are designed to cater to the diverse needs of our clients, offering a reliable solution for coin style wafer shipping. In summary, the conductive coin-style wafer shipper from our collection is a testament to our commitment to innovation and quality in semiconductor wafer transport. It combines the practicality and efficiency of the coin style design with the advanced functionality of conductive materials, ensuring that every wafer is transported in a safe, static-free environment. This unique combination of features positions our conductive coin-style shippers as a leading choice for professionals in the semiconductor industry who demand the highest standards in wafer shipping and handling.