CMFC-5000 Series Coriolis Flow Controllers

CMFC-5000 Series Coriolis Flow Controllers

Number: CMFC-5000

3mm Serial
3mm Parallel
4mm Serial
4mm Parallel



Tube Ends

5 - 50 g/min
10 - 100 g/min
25 - 250 g/min
50 - 500 g/min
100 - 1000 g/min
150 - 1500 g/min
200 - 2000 g/min
250 - 2500 g/min
300 - 3000 g/min
400 - 4000 g/min
500 - 5000 g/min

Current (4 - 20 mA)
Voltage (0 - 10 Vdc)
Voltage (0 - 5 Vdc)

Current (4 - 20 mA)
Voltage (0 - 10 Vdc)
Voltage (0 - 5 Vdc)

Diaphagm Valve
Pinch Valve



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Product description

CMFC-5000 Series Coriolis Flow Controllers

The CMFC-5000 Series is a line of high-performance closed-loop flow controllers designed for use in a wide variety of high-purity liquids including DI water, harsh chemicals, and CMP polishing slurries. A typical flow control module consists of a high-accuracy, advanced Coriolis flow meter with a Malema control valve. The Coriolis flow meter has an all PFA construction with no moving parts or seals. It sets a standard for flow measurement in terms of accuracy and repeatability. The Coriolis flow measurement technology with its advanced digital signal processing ensures reliable performance even for process fluids with entrapped gasses. The high speed/precision motor actuated pinch valve (for slurries) or diaphragm valve (for chemicals) helps provide a fast and precise response with minimal "overshoot". Its all PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) construction and minimal dead volume ensure maximum process purity and reliability (chemical control valve).

  • High Accuracy - Controls flowrate to within ± 1.5% of setpoint; ideal for fluid blending and/or dispense applications
  • Fast Response 2 seconds (typically< 1 seconds for most applications)
  • Broad application range with 2 types of control valves
  • Wide range of flow control capability
  • All PTFE/PFA wetted part construction - compatible with UHP liquid chemicals, DI water and CMP slurries (slurry module with Pt cured Silicone tubing)
  • Mass flow measurement accuracy is independent of fluid density and viscosity

  • Semiconductor CMP tools - suitable for use to precisely control the flow of chemi- cals and polishing slurries dispensed to the polishing platen; an ideal replacement for peristaltic pump based delivery systems.
  • Cleaning tools - for accurate and reliable control in the blending and delivering of cleaning chemistries on post CMP cleaning and related tools.
  • Copper plating tools - well suited to chemical mixing and dispense applications