Bellowpump PTFE max. 180°C

Bellowpump PTFE max. 180°C

Number: PS-E40H
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Product description

Bellowpump PTFE max. 180°C

Organisation: bellow double chamber principle, one bellow works as buffer (+/- 31% max. pulsation pressure range), embedded distance sensors for pump control
PTFE / PFA components in touch with medium

  • Max. discharge capacity 40 l/min, 0.4l / stroke
  • Operating temperature: 10°C - 180°C
  • Pressure max. 2,5 bar at 10°C, max. 2,0 bar at 180°C

  • Airpressure: 2-3 (10°C) - 1,5-2 (180°C) bar
  • Rc 3/8"
  • In 1 1/4" Out 1"- Pillar Super 300 Fitting

Pump can be operated by standard conrol system or by Controller