EPAD® Wafer Platform 8" (200 mm)

EPAD® Wafer Platform 8" (200 mm)

EPAD® Wafer Platform 8" (200 mm)

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8" (200mm) ePAD® Wafer Platform

ePAD™ wafer platforms – Provides the flat surface required for the proper function of the ePAD system



  • ePAK description: eFP8-200-0.8-eM-20-BLK
  • For 8" (200mm) substrates
  • Material: Proprietary conductive PS

Cleanroom bagged per 10 pieces (P3)
(available in increments of 10 pieces)

ePAD® Wafer protection system
High performance alternative to foam-based solutions



  • Made from proprietary, low-ionic, flexible, conductive polystyrene
  • Ideal for both Cu and Al metallized wafers
  • Best choice for both long and short term storage needs

Available for 6”, 8” and 12” wafer sizes