Carbon Separator 4" (100 mm)

Carbon Separator 4" (100 mm)

Carbon Separator 4" (100 mm)

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Static Dissipation
Precise Interleaf Diameter
Rigidity and Durability
Resistant to chemical interactions, ensuring wafer integrity
Protection Between Wafers
Compatibility with Automation
Enhanced Safety

4" (100mm) Carbon Separator
ePAK description: eIL4-100-0.07-eM-20-BLK


  • Static Dissipation: Conductive material reduces static buildup, essential for sensitive electronic components.
  • Precise Interleaf Diameter: Tailored to fit various wafer sizes, providing snug and secure packaging.
  • Rigidity and Durability: Ideal for automated handling systems due to their robust structure.
  • Chemical Inertness: Resistant to chemical interactions, ensuring wafer integrity.
  • Protection Between Wafers: Effectively minimizes direct contact and potential damage during handling and transit.
  • Compatibility with Automation: Designed for ease of use in automated wafer packaging systems.
  • Enhanced Safety: Offers reliable protection against physical and electrostatic damage.

Carbon (conductive PS) wafer separators are essential in semiconductor packaging, offering robust protection between wafers. Their conductive properties make them ideal for preventing static buildup, a critical consideration in handling sensitive electronic components.

Superior protection and minimizing the risk of damage
The separators are available in standard industry sizes, ensuring compatibility with various wafer diameters. The precise interleaf diameter of these carbon separators ensures a snug fit around each wafer, providing superior protection and minimizing the risk of damage.

Transport and storage
This design is crucial in maintaining the integrity of the wafers during transport and storage, especially in environments where static discharge can be detrimental. In packaging, carbon separators stand out for their rigidity and chemical inertness. These characteristics make them particularly suitable for automated processing systems, where their stability and durability enhance handling efficiency. The integration of carbon wafer separators in semiconductor packaging systems underscores the industry's commitment to using high-quality, performance-oriented materials. These separators not only safeguard the wafers but also contribute to the overall reliability and efficiency of the semiconductor manufacturing process.

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