UH114 Wafer/Frame Film Applicator

UH114 Wafer/Frame Film Applicator

Number: UH114
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Up to 6" (150mm)
Bubble Free Lamination


UH114 Wafer Frame Film Applicators Sheet


Product description

UH114 Wafer/Frame Film Applicator

Model UH114& UH115 Series Mounters set the benchmark for both control and versatility. For dicing/sawing applications, uniform adhesive plastic film lamination is paramount. Our mounters feature an easily adjustable spring-loaded roller assembly, along with film-tensioner bars along both the x- and y-axes to ensure bubble-free lamination of the film to the wafer and film frame. In addition, both models feature a retractable film cutting system with adjustable cutting pressure to accommodate various tape base materials and thicknesses. Roller pressure is adjusted from the topside of the units for different process requirements and to accommodate various wafer thicknesses. A digital temperature controller ensures consistent workstage temperatures for repeatable mounting. Adjustable alignment pins and vacuum cups accommodate almost any type of film frame, including plastic. The workstage height is also adjustable relative to the frame height for different wafer thicknesses. Using our Mounters, operator variables are virtually eliminated.

  • Up to 6" (150mm) wafer capability
  • Easily adjustable spring-loaded roller assembly
  • Uniform film tension: Film tensioner bars (both x/y-axes - front/rear)
  • Uniform adhesion provides bubble-free lamination
  • Circular cutter (wheel-type) for cutting film on film frame
  • Adjustable cutting pressure for different films (thickness/hardness)
  • Digital temperature controlled platen
  • Adjustable workstage height from top of unit
  • Operates with non-backed or backed (optional) film
  • Accommodates film/protective layer wound on the outside or inside
  • Adjustable alignment pins and vacuum cups
  • Accepts all film frames (specify type and size)
  • Built-in end cutter for film separation

  • Protective Film Take-up Roller Assembly for use with film with backing layer
  • Static Eliminator (with or without) Power Safety Interlock Switch
  • Magnetic Main Plate Assy
  • Vacuum-Securing Standard Wafer Stage: Up to 6" wafer or 3" - 6" Multi-Chuck
  • Thin Wafer Stage, up to 6" wafer