PTFE Hydrophobic Membrane Filter 69

PTFE Hydrophobic Membrane Filter 69

Number: Espro-69PF1
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Product description

PF1/HPF1 (Φ69, Φ83, Φ131) series filter cartridges have stable porosity. 100% integrity tested.

Hydrophobic (PF1) and hydrophilic (HPF1) PTFE membranes are both available for liquid or gas applications.

PF1 series feature high flow rate, low pressure drop, wide chemical compatibility, long service life and high temperature resistance.

HPF1 series hydrophilic PTFE filter cartridge feature great hydrophility, low extractables and high filtration efficiency. No prewetting requirement.

Dry environment storage.


  • Filter media: Hydrophobic PTFE/Hydrophilic PTFE
  • Support: PP
  • Endcaps/Cage/Core: PP
  • Max. working temp.: 90℃
  • Max. Operating DP: Forward 0.42Mpa, Reverse 0.21Mpa