M-2700 Series Integrated Ultrasonic Flow Meters

M-2700 Series Integrated Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Number: M-2700
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M-2700 Series Integrated Ultrasonic Flow Meters

The M-2700 series is an integrated flow meter in a small package. The M-2700 utilizes the latest high-speed digital signal processing (DSP) technology to provide a cost effective flow measuring solution with no compromise in performance. Malema DSP algorithms sample the entire wave form resulting in a demonstrable advantage in bubble immunity over traditional ultrasonic technologies. The flow sensor is a U or Z shaped PFA tube with no internal obstructions, moving parts, or mechanical seals. The M-2700 is compatible with high-temperature liquids and is an ideal choice for use where minimal footprint, high purity, corrosion resistance, low pressure drop, and easy installation are desired.

The M-2700 utilizes transit-time ultrasonic technology to determine flow rate. Two piezoelectric transducers mounted at the ends of the measuring tube alternately transmit and receive ultrasound energy pulses. The difference between upstream and downstream transit time of the pulses is proportional to the velocity of the fluid, and is used to calculate flow rate.

  • Sensor and Electronics integrated in a compact easy-to-install package
  • No Dead Legs
  • No Obstructions, with minimal pressure drop
  • No Moving Parts in the flow path
  • All wetted parts made of PFA
  • Free from ion or particle contamination
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Wide rangeability
  • Fit for high temperature applications