LFC-7000 Integrated Flow Control Modules

LFC-7000 Integrated Flow Control Modules

Number: LFC-7000
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LFC-7000 Integrated Flow Control Modules

The LFC-7000 Series is a line of high-performance closed-loop flow controllers designed for use in a wide variety of high-purity liquids including DI water, harsh chemicals, and CMP polishing slurries. A typical module for high-accuracy control of ultrapure chemicals combines a Malema ultrasonic flowmeter, with accuracy rated at +/- 1% reading, with a Malema control valve. The ultrasonic flowmeter has an all PFA construction with no moving parts or seals. It sets a standard for flow measurement in terms of accuracy, repeatability, and purity. Its digital signal processing technology ensures reliable performance even with a certain degree of bubbles present in the process fluids. The high speed/precision motor actuated pinch valve (for slurries) or diaphragm valve (for chemicals) helps provide a fast and precise response with minimal "overshoot". Its all PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) construction and minimal dead volume ensure maximum process purity and reliability (chemical module). In operation, the user inputs a "setpoint" via an analog signal. The flow control module’s electronics continuously compares this set point value with the flowrate reported by the flowmeter and provides a continuous feedback signal to modulate the control valve to maintain the desired set point. The state of the art control algorithm together with high speed/precision flow meter and valve achieves fast/accurate/repeatable control.

  • High Accuracy - Controls flowrate to within ± 1% of setpoint; ideal for fluid blending and/or dispense applications
  • Fast Response 3 seconds (typically< 2 seconds for most applications)
  • Broad application range with 2 types of control valves
  • Wide range of flow control capability; 5 mL/min - 12000 mL/min (turndown can be as high as 100:1)
  • All PTFE/PFA wetted part construction - insures compatibility with UHP liquid chemicals, DI water and CMP slurries (slurry module with Pt cured Silicone tubing)
  • Low maintenance - modules featuring ultrasonic flowmeters with NO moving parts provide the ultimate in "uptime" (slurry module with pinch tube replacement cycle of 3 years or longer)

  • Semiconductor CMP tools - used to precisely control the flow of chemicals and polishing slurries dispensed to the polishing platen; an ideal replacement for peristaltic pump based delivery systems.
  • Wet Cleaning tools - for accurate and reliable control of the blending and delivery of cleaning chemistries.
  • Copper Plating tools - well suited to chemical mixing and dispensing applications.