Atomic Layer Deposition - AT400

Looking for affordable Atomic Layer Deposition ALD?

R&D table top ALD system for growing conformal thin films
at smaller scales at reasonable cost.

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Our table top atomic layer deposition system is a small-scale ALD system, that offers a fast cycle capability of 6-10 cycles/min, e.g. up to 1.2nm/min Al2O3 (best in class). Top Tech University Support
Our ALD features
  • Fast cycling capability 6-10 cycles per minute
  • Up to 5 ALD precursor sources at one time
  • Small footprint
Conceived by Dr. Phillipe de Rouffignac, the Harvard Center for Nanoscale Science’s (CNS) Principal Scientist in charge of thin film deposition

ALD Method: A wide range of accessible materials

Pre-programmed proven 
process recipes for many materials such as Al2O3, Pt, Ru, HfO2, TiO2, ZrO2, ZnO, AZO (Al:ZnO), TiN…

Excellent process development support

Harvard lab scientists provide evidence based assistance to customers. Top Tech University Support

ALD Application: Fast cycling capability

Streamlined chamber design and small chamber volume allow 6-10 cycles/min, e.g. up to 1.2nm/min Al2O3 (best in class).