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Expectations are that the market for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, the sales of equipment (semiconductor fabrication/manufacturing facility equipment) will grow 13.2 percent in the world market from 2016 to 2017, obviously driven by equipment for foundries, and for memory and power semiconductor manufacturing. (Source: Department of Commerce – USA, 2016)
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Semiconductor corp might benefit from the IoT’s expansion. Internet of Things would significantly boost semiconductor revenues by stimulating demand for microcontrollers, sensors, connectivity, and memory. Cost per wafer is likely to rise significantly with new investments.

SPS Europe wafer equipment solutions
SPS Europe major products include wafer sorters, wafer lithography aligners, but also etching and thin-layer deposition machinery, and wafer processing equipment. We supply a full range of wet chemical process equipment and wafer fab equipment. Not only do we supply the wafer fab equipment for various cleaning, etching and stripping applications, but also the original OEM component. Be it real-time sensors to monitor tool performance or predict preventive maintenance or save on chemical consumption or detect chemical quality changes with our refractometers, SPS Europe actively work with our customers on cost-reduction. SPS-Europe employs full time field service engineering personnel to assist in installation and upgrades of your existing wet process equipment. SPS Europe also stocks a complete inventory of replacement parts, fittings, process boats and vacuum wands and accessories.

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Refurbish semiconductor wafer tools
A number of companies provide secondary semiconductor equipment and/or refurbish semiconductor tools. SPS-Europe refurbish your own existing Semitool® equipment to meet modern standards.

Handling shipping products
Product for safe substrate handling, transfer or sorting of wafers. Solutions for shipping and storage of substrates. Go to products

Wetprocess products
Process equipment for heated DI water and chemical supply, including chemical pumps, PFA fittings and process baths or wet etch equipment. Go to products

Thin film products
Systems for thin films, ranging from CVD and ALD atomic layerdeposition to gas filters and heating elements for diffusion ovens. Go to products

Photolithography products
Products for safe storage and handling of reticles, as well as mask aligners and uv meters. Go to products